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Color Pace is the new generation of Match 3 color games.

It is not that the color match 3 game you know. It also has a surprising additional flying mode which is again not the flying game you know. You will not want to drop this game even if you fail several times. It is a little annoying but again satisfies you in every replay. You will know it is unique but not that you are unfamiliar with it.

The main game, which is also called Classic mode in Color Pace, is a half hybrid game of runner and match 3 styles.

It is very easy to play; there is a three lane road and your runner color is in your control. All you have to do is to collide with the same color with your runner color in the road. When you meet other colors just swipe to right or left to change your lane and don't collide with them. There will be surprises waiting for you!

Don't forget; you can only collide with the same color!

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